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Factor Drive®

Computer-assisted geosteering

Let the computers do the work

Computed geosteering interpretations: a new idea in an old specialty. Factor Technology has introduced Factor Drive software to calculate the best geologic structure that fits the data. It shows you how much confidence you can have in its answer, and any alternative possibilities. For the first time, drillers and geologists can work with hard, reproducible numbers, to make better geosteering decisions, faster.

Before drilling, give Factor Drive an initial geologic model. That can be just the regional dip, or better, a structure map. While drilling, Factor Drive processes the LWD gamma and the directional surveys. It uses a sophisticated, peer-reviewed algorithm to calculate the most probable geologic structure satisfying your model and those measurements.

Works in challenging geology

Factor Drive computes reliable answers even in this faulted Eagle Ford shale project. It can sort out complex geology and present you with only reasonable choices. Every interpreter knows that new data arriving near the bit can influence the interpretation all the way back up the lateral. Factor Drive recalculates the whole interpretation continuously while drilling proceeds.

You can guide Factor Drive’s interpretation at any point. But mostly, you set the project up before drilling, and it’s hands off the rest of the way. It’s your geosteering automation assistant.

Here’s a Factor Drive computed interpretation from the Marcellus. It closely matches the intepretation the geologist made. Click the video for a closer look:

Real-time, while drilling

Steer more wells — more accurately — using Factor Drive. It relieves geologists of the numbing, repetitive tasks manipulating interpretation tools. Now they can supervise dozens of wells at once.

Factor Drive gives every stakeholder, from managers, to engineers, to geologists, to drillers at the rig, a web browser screen showing the always-current profile of the well and the geology it’s drilling through.

Resteers by the thousands

After acquiring a company or a large leasehold, or when revisiting an old play, you have the opportunity to resteer hundreds or thousands of wells, to assess the geology or the previous drilling parameters. It’s impossible for a geologist to resteer thousands of wells manually, and in the past they’d select a small sample to work with. Now you can resteer all of those wells in batch mode. Because Factor Drive runs in the cloud, it can grab hundreds of computers to run all of those wells simultaneously. Once you’ve loaded the data, you can calculate nearly unlimited interpretations in a day.

Prove it to yourself

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