You’re drilling faster than ever. Geosteering just can’t keep pace

Drilling speeds have quadrupled since 2014. In the old days, an engineering or operations geologist had hours between surveys to load log and directional data into desktop interpretation software, update the geologic model, and issue instructions to the driller. A geologist could manage several wells. They could sleep and miss a stand or two, catching up in the morning.

Now, they often have thirty minutes or less to update the geologic model. Drillers can make 400 feet or more of hole per hour. Geologists can barely keep up with one well. They have to update at coarser intervals. “Owning” a well is uncommon. They work in shifts, losing valuable geologic context. Two geologists working the same well may interpret data differently. The old workflows no longer work well.

It’s no longer possible for people to do good, consistent geology at the pace driven by modern drilling programs. But Factor Drive can.

Only a computer can interpret geosteering data quickly enough

Imagine a cross-section  of the subsurface and the well position, updating live as you drill the lateral. New data near the bit updates the picture all the way back up the lateral in near real time. Factor Drive, a sophisticated, always-on computer system, processes the log and directional data, and  maintains a screen for each drilling well on displays in your operations center and on your mobile devices.

Factor Technology has developed the first comprehensive, rigorous computed geosteering engine

Factor Drive is the first well positioning technology to employ a comprehensive, rigorous solution to the geosteering problem. As new measurements arrive, it shows you the most likely geologic structure — along with confidence bounds. Sometimes new log data near the bit can change the best estimate of the structure hundreds or thousands of feet back up  the lateral. We’ve published our innovative method in the journal Geophysics, so you can see for yourself there’s no magic, just science. No other well positioning system is backed by such a rigorously correct model. Factor Drive consistently  produces correct, repeatable, and auditable interpretations.

Factor Drive does the work. You manage by exception.

Factor Drive is a new approach to the geosteering workflow. Enter your knowledge about geology and the well plan before drilling. As you approach the target, identify the top of the zone. After that, leave the driving to us. Factor Drive continuously accepts measurements and computes the most probable geologic structure, displaying the interpreted cross-section on all your screens. You’re in control, issuing directions to the driller if you see the well exiting the zone. You’ll manage more wells, more accurately,  with fewer resources.